Time Machine Results

Thank you for your participation and great Sportsmanship at this 5th CPRunners Cross Country Meet.

attached are the results of today's meet. 

CPRunners is very appreciative to have been able to host for you today at Yorba Regional Park.

looking forward to next year, we will search for a bigger better venue for 2018 


******3 Course Records broken today!!  *******

Temecula Valley Time Machine Cross Country Team Results


The Time Machine Cross Country team participated in its first meet of the 2017 season on Sunday (9/17). All athletes gave an extraordinary effort and this meet established a baseline for each runner.  The meet was attended by 18+ teams and numerous runners unattached to a club. The next meet on the schedule is Valley United Striders Cross Country Invitational Meet starts at 8am on Saturday, September 23rd at Santa Clarita Central Park.




1st place finish in girls 11-12 division with a total time of 34:51.17 and an average time 11:37.06


4th place team finish in boys 9-10 division with a total time of 41:46.70 and an average time of 13:55.57


5th place team finish in boys 13-14 division with a total time of 48:03.68 and an average time of 16:01:23



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Event 1: 2k Run CC 8 & Under Division Girls

5th Alexa Donofrio, Temecula Valley 8:16.9 10:17.49

9th Ariana Sengvilay, Temecula Valley 9:19.6 11:35.41


Event 2: 2k Run CC 8 & Under Division Boys

5th Brady Sorenson, Temecula Valley 7:05.2 8:48.32


Event 3: 3k Run CC 9-10 Division Girls

3rd   Arielle Avina, Temecula Valley 6:21.0 11:50.21

11th Esther Neslon, Temecula Valley 6:55.3 12:54.08


Event 4: 3k Run CC 9-10 Division Boys

11th Zachary Shoaf, Temecula Valley 7:15.8 13:32.29

12th Neko Bullock, Temecula Valley 7:21.5 13:42.87

19th Aaron Petska, Temecula Valley 7:47.6 14:31.54


Event 5: 3k Run CC 11-12 Division Girls

2nd  Laura Shoaf, Temecula Valley 6:02.7 11:16.06

7th  Joelle Upshur, Temecula Valley 6:14.5 11:38.10

12th Melinda Deng, Temecula Valley 6:24.7 11:57.01

15th Kelli Gaffney, Temecula Valley 6:35.4 12:16.91

16th Kali Kraus, Temecula Valley 6:35.6 12:17.39

21st Isabella Smith, Temecula Valley 6:42.7 12:30.61

22nd Ashling Fabian, Temecula Valley 6:42.9 12:30.97

25th Keira DeBoard, Temecula Valley 6:49.9 12:43.96

43rd Jessalyan Hall, Temecula Valley 7:41.9 14:20.94

49th Jayden Lord, Temecula Valley 8:04.5 15:03.01

51st Llaria Dettmer, Temecula Valley 8:15.6 15:23.79

52nd Emily, Donofrio Temecula Valley 8:44.4 16:17.38

58th Tyra Pflughoft, Temecula Valley 9:12.1 17:09.19


Event 6: 3k Run CC 11-12 Division Boys

23rd Kingst McLaughlin, Temecula Valley 6:46.5 12:37.63

26th Troy Murphy, Temecula Valley 7:01.8 13:06.28


Event 8 4k Run CC 13-14 Division Boys

9th   Koda Robinson, Temecula Valley 6:00.7 14:56.53

20th Nick Gaffney, Temecula Valley 6:38.8 16:31.16

22nd Simeon Hood, Temecula Valley 6:40.8 16:35.99

29th Isaiah Bullock, Temecula Valley 7:02.6 17:30.15

37th Ezekial Petska, Ezekial, Temecula Valley 7:27.0 18:31.00


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